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With more than 40 offices across the United States and Canada, Adjusters International is one of the nation’s largest and most respected providers of public insurance adjusting and disaster recovery consulting services. With our newly expanded presence in downtown Chicago, Adjusters International is capable of quickly fielding a team of public adjusters and disaster recovery experts in response to any major disaster throughout the Midwest.

Our public adjusting division focuses on guiding our clients to a full and equitable insurance settlement in the aftermath of a fire, tornado, flood, or other disaster. Public adjusters work on behalf of insured clients—not insurance companies—to prepare and settle their property damage claims. Retaining the services of a public adjuster immediately after an occurrence increases the policyholder’s opportunity to take full advantage of any alternatives available within their insurance policy.

Adjusters International provides disaster consulting services with a specialization in guiding FEMA grantees and applicants through the FEMA Public Assistance program in the wake of a major disaster. Our consultants have years of disaster recovery experience and have a thorough knowledge of both insurance and the FEMA Public Assistance program, and how each work together and complement each other.

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Adjusters International specializes in commercial claims and has a sophisticated staff of adjusters prepared to handle any claim from the seemingly standard to the most complex claims. The company’s in-depth knowledge of insurance adjusting and the FEMA Public Assistance Program is a direct result of their management of claims resulting from the nation’s most serious disasters, such as the Oklahoma City bombing, World Trade Center bombing, 9-11-2001 event, and every major hurricane, earthquake and flood of the past quarter century. Adjusters International has offices throughout the United States and Canada and has had a strong presence in the greater Chicago area for over 20 years.

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