About Globe Midwest Adjusters International

Globe Midwest Adjusters International Team

The Globe Midwest Adjusters International Team

Adjusters International is a disaster recovery consulting organization focused on the principles of maximizing and expediting our clients’ financial recovery from insurance and FEMA claims. We have two well-established areas of expertise: providing the nation’s leading public adjusting services, and guiding FEMA grantees and applicants through the FEMA public assistance program. These two units of knowledgeable public adjusters and disaster recovery consultants link seamlessly to deliver the Total Solution® to FEMA-eligible entities.

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The Adjusters International Story

Adjusters International is a company with a unique history and strong reasons for its commitment to customer service.

Unlike many corporations that grow and expand into various regions over the years, sometimes losing sight of their roots in the process, Adjusters International was founded by the best regional firms in the nation, many of which have been in business for nearly a century (in fact, many of us have kept our original name jointly with the name Adjusters International).

Our family-owned firms, handed down from generation to generation, are deeply dedicated to serving and supporting their local communities. Stacks of glowing reference letters and constant word-of-mouth referrals provide testimony to this fact. Our goal in forming Adjusters International was to be able to maintain our local community commitment and to bring our clients an unprecedented level of expertise.

Our combined experience is unparalleled in the industry. Adjusters International has over 40 offices throughout North America, each drawing seamlessly on the resources of our insurance and catastrophe professionals throughout the country. No matter where you live, you’re calling in the best of the best.

Our team of disaster recovery consultants has helped clients work through the aftermath of every major disaster to have occurred in the past quarter century, including every hurricane to have hit the U.S. and Caribbean, the Midwest floods, California earthquakes, and terrorist acts such as the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombings and 9-11. Our client list includes entities such as the State of Oklahoma, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, the Government of Kuwait, Continental Airlines, The Pillsbury Company, J.C. Penney, Southern Pacific Railroad, and Wyndham, Choice and Preferred hotels.

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Adjusters International Leadership

Experience, professionalism, and a deep-seated commitment to customer service are the hallmarks of our industry leadership.

Adjusters International boasts more senior and certified public adjusting professionals than any other organization of its kind. Our FEMA Public Assistance disaster recovery team is staffed by top-notch specialists with proven, on-the-ground expertise, whose sights are focused on making sure clients receive every dollar of funding for which they are eligible. Together, the Adjusters International team represents some of the best and most experienced minds in their fields.

Major Cases

Adjusters International has guided thousands of business owners, homeowners, and communities to financial recovery from some of the biggest disasters in the past quarter century. We encourage you to look through our case studies to see a sampling of the challenges through which we have successfully guided our clients.

Regional Offices

Adjusters International is made up of several regional offices, each dedicated to providing personalized service within their local community. With over 40 offices nationwide, the Adjusters International team includes top talent from the public insurance adjusting and disaster recovery industries. Local commitment, personalized service and proven expertise are the hallmarks of our reputation.