When should I go to Appraisal?

If you believe the amount the insurance company is offering to settle your claim is unfair and they are not willing to negotiate, it may be time to invoke the Appraisal Clause. Going to Appraisal is the next step if your dispute is over the amount of damages and/or the value of your property. However, disputes concerning coverage issues cannot be decided by Appraisal.

Insurance company adjusters sometimes make low offers and are unwilling to compromise on the amount of the loss or the scope of the damages. These adjusters may lead the policyholder to believe they have no choice but to accept their original offer. However, policyholders do have a choice, and Appraisal is often the best choice to obtain a fair payment for your loss.

Before invoking the Appraisal Clause it is important to have your claim reviewed by an experienced Appraiser at Globe Midwest Adjusters International. With our knowledge of insurance policies, damage valuation, and experience in the Appraisal process, we can determine the extent of the differences and the likelihood of recovering additional money. We will only recommend Appraisal if we feel strongly you will receive a significant benefit from submitting to the Appraisal Process. Please call our experts today and we will help you decide if Appraisal is the best method to resolve your claim.