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Let me start by conveying how sorry I am for the financial loss your business will experience as a result of this claim. After helping thousands of businesses, public corporations, and government entities for over 40 years, I understand the extreme strain a business and its employees face due to a sudden devastation. In my experience, business owners and management do not recognize the total extent of their damages, or realize the complications they will encounter with customers, employees, lenders, and others while attempting to capture and properly prepare their claim within the terms of their insurance policy.

After an extensive loss, critical decisions must be made throughout your claims process. The decisions made by you, or management, will directly affect your entire settlement. Your insurance company will employ at least one experienced adjuster and numerous experts to assist them with every aspect of your loss. The insurance adjuster and experts employed by the insurance company are knowledgeable with the terms and conditions of your policy. Why go through this process alone? Businesses often jeopardize the outcome of their claim when they proceed without the benefit of their own professional team of adjusters. Globe Midwest Adjusters International (GMAI) has experienced in-house adjusters, estimators, inventory specialists, and forensic accountants with the depth of knowledge to identify all available policy options. We will help with critical decisions, assist in the preparation of your claim, and assure that you receive the total benefits from the coverages you have paid for. Our services allow you to maintain control of the claims process so you can focus on restoring your business.

An insurance policy may be the most important contract a business has obtained to protect their assets. It provides numerous alternatives as to how your claim can be presented and resolved, each having a different consequence for the future of your business. Unfortunately, these alternatives are not clearly specified. GMAI understands the many alternatives available to our clients, and we recognize that after a loss all businesses do not have the same requirements. As such, we customize the preparation and settlement of your claim to suit your needs. We will work with you to establish your recoverable short and long term goals to make sure that you retain your customers and maintain your business objectives. Our firm has the resources, knowledge and experience to guide you and your company through the entire claims process to expedite a maximum recovery. As a national public adjusting company founded in 1924, GMAI represents businesses, not insurance companies.

After reviewing the materials we have provided, I strongly suggest meeting with a GMAI representative to learn more about the complexity of the claim process and how we can be of assistance. Remember, the decisions you and your associates make, and the manner in which you restore your facility, should not be based on what you had, but instead on where you would like your company to be. To better understand how your decisions will affect the settlement of your claim, we offer consultation without obligation or commitment.

Wishing you the best results.


Robert Levin
President and CEO of Globe Midwest Adjusters International