Scope of Services

Property Damage Claim

  1. Investigate and analyze all property damage to the building
  2. Prepare a concise, well-documented repair cost estimate on the building
  3. Inventory, research, and price all damaged or destroyed contents
  4. Evaluate extensions of coverage such as codes upgrade, etc.
  5. Prepare a concise, well-documented property claim
  6. Present and support the claim through settlement
  7. Negotiate replacement cost and actual cash value settlements that will positively affect your overall recovery

Business Interruption — Extra Expense

  1. Create the development of a restoration period with the insurance company adjuster and their construction consultants
  2. Evaluate discontinued expenses which become a credit taken by the insurance company to reduce your claim.
  3. Determine expediting expenses; expenses related to reducing the loss
  4. Obtain all relevant financial and community rental records (pre and post loss)
  5. Prepare various financial projections to determine approach to be claimed
  6. Prepare initial business interruption claim
  7. Communicate with the insurance company adjuster and their forensic accountant to obtain ongoing agreements and partial payments throughout the claim period
  8. Provide total business interruption claim management to ensure integration with the property and extra expense portions of the claim
  9. Prepare and continue to support the claim through settlement
  10. Advise management on identification of extra expense
  11. Coordinate tracking of extra expenses, prepare and submit claims throughout the recovery period


  1. Explain insurance policy coverages applicable to this claim, available coverage options and how they can affect your recovery
  2. Review all pre-loss expenses/improvement/RM that could affect the value of the claim (Building and Business Interruption)
  3. Discuss procedures being followed to mitigate damages, implement temporary and emergency repairs and future protection of the site.
  4. Coordinate and integrate all areas of the claim with corporate and site operations for the overall recovery process
  5. Coordinate necessary “expert reports” to support and assemble the claim
  6. Provide necessary information and documentation to obtain advance payments from the insurance company
  7. Coordinate all inspections and meetings with the insurance company representatives, including their “outside experts”
  8. Provide regular status reports
  9. Review all claim data with you, prior to providing such material to the insurance company and their representatives
  10. Conduct and/or participate in all settlement discussions with the insurance company
  11. We will hold in strictest confidence, all information relating to your claims and business operation
  12. Our overall goal is to expedite the best possible recovery